Books and films

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Must read Permaculture books and films
  • Bill Mollison (Permaculture manual, permaculture one)
  • David Holmgren (Permaculture: principles and pathways beyonds sustainability)
  • Sepp Holzer (Sepp Holzers permaculture)
  • Masanobu Fukuoka (The one straw revolution, Sowing seeds in the desert, The natural way of farming)
  • Christopher Alexander (A pattern Language)
  • Michel and Jude Fanton (The seed savers handbook)
  • Eric Toensmier (Perennial Vegetables)
  • Joel Salatin
  • Allan Savory (Wholistic managment: a new framework for decision making, with Jody Butterfield)
  • Dave Jacke (Edible Forest Gardens-Dave Jacke with Eric Toensmier)


  • Brad Lancaster (Rainwater harvesting)
  • Yeoman (Water for every farm)


Appropriate technology and DIY
  • Mike and Nancy Bubel (Root cellaring)
  • Ianto Evans and Leslie Jackson (Rocket mass heaters: super efficient woodstoves you can build)


  • Richard D Bardgett (The biology of soil: A community and ecosystem approach)
  • Nigel Dunnet (Planting green roofs and living walls, Raingardens)
  • Judith Anger (Edible cities)