Permaculture Services

 Services - Permaculture Consultancy services
Permaculture services we specialise in:
  • Pre-property purchase assessments, as consultation can reveal problems and opportunities, saving you time and money in the long term.
  • Urban consultations, urban residents can benefit from intelligent design of small space environments.
  • Rural acreage and hobby farms, we help you implement strategies that increase your yield without compromising sustainability and with little cost.
Permaculture Consultancy works across a number of scales and environments from urban residential, commercial/businesses, development (national and international) to rural agricultural sites.
Main services include:
ConsultancyConsultation with clients, site analysis, and site specific recommendations.
DesignConsultancy as above, plus report and landscape design plan.
Earth worksOur earthmoving professionals utilise excavators, dozers and graders to implement long term systems.
ImplementationImplementation professionals can work from a landscape design, under your direction or in assistance with a consultant.
MaintenancePermaculture landscapes are designed for low maintenance, however if you are really limited for time and/or do not have the technical know how, our experienced maintenance professionals can assist.
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