Implimentation - Permaculture Consultancy

Implementation professionals CAREFULLY observe your site and assess your brief, time allocated for maintenance, and budget. With this information they draft an implementation plan and timeline to ensure your site is effective and manageable at each stage of implementation, up to the completed site, and beyond.

Implementation professionals can work from a landscape design, under your direction or in assistance with a consultant. Our implementation professionals will discuss with you suitable materials, search out local resources, and research local authority and planning restrictions.

Implementation services:
  • Access (roads, fences)
  • Infrastructure (retrofitting, appropriate technology)
  • Energy (solar, farm forestry)
  • Water (water tanks, irrigation, swales, dams, retention ponds).
  • Earthworks, keyline.
  • Food production (edible gardens, forests, crops, aquaponics)
  • Waste water treatment: reed beds/evaporation trenches, wetland systems, floating islands
  • Compost systems
  • Rehabilitation (soil, riparian, pasture management)
  • Animal systems (poultry, cattle, horses, aquaculture, holistic management) 
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