Maintenance professionals - Permaculture Consultancy

The role of the maintenance professional is to ensure that a site, be it urban/rural residential or commercial is maintained on a one off, regular or seasonal basis according to the clients needs.

 Services you may be expected to provide:
  • Pruning and trimming (using power and or hand tools)
  • Chop and drop (food forest)
  • Mulching, weeding
  • Replanting (annual crops)
  • Harvesting
  • Composting
  • Irrigation
  • Coppicing/pollarding (farm forestry)
  • Soil regeneration (organic fertilisers, plant recommendations for poor soils)
  • Pest deterrents (companion planting, organic insect repellents)

Post-maintenance you will be required to write a brief one page report on your job for documentation for, this will later be invaluable for your career portfolio/CV and or Permaculture diploma.

Maintenance process-
Off site brief

After recieving a job offer and accepting it, you will be given the job specifications, the clients brief and any other documentation (i.e. landscape design, site history) concerning the site which you will need to familiarise yourself with.

On site maintenance

It will be your role to meet with the client/s and then maintain aspects of a site or of a whole site according to the clients brief.

You may be expected to maintain:
  • Food forests i.e. chop and drop
  • Irrigation systems
  • Vegetable and herb gardens i.e. weeding, planting, harvesting
  • Compost systems
  • Dams and swales i.e. planting
  • Animal systems i.e. chicken tractor


Off site debrief

According to the regularity of your maintenance position  you will be required to write a brief one page report on your days work  for for documentation.

Apply now

You will be paid electronically once you have supplied with an invoice,  once the client has paid in full and funds have cleared, if you have a paypal account  payment will be swift.

client within 7 days within job completion, up to 5-7 days to clear, transferred to your account up to 5-7 days to clear, via paypal funds can be in next day after client has paid.