Implementation professionals - Permaculture Consultancy

Implementation professionals install works according to a time line and budget for clients and or under the direction of a permaculture consultant. Implementation professionals may work from a landscape design plan and or in direct communication with clients.

Implementation services:
  • Edible gardens
  • Food forests/farm forestry
  • Access, infrastructure, retrofitting
  • Appropriate technology, energy (
  • Compost systems
  • Green walls
  • Water harvesting systems
  • Waste water systems

Post-installation you will be required to write a brief one page report on your job for documentation for, this will later be invaluable for your career portfolio/CV and or Permaculture diploma.

Implementation process-
Off site briefing

As an implementation professional you will receive a job offer, depending on the job, you will need to reply back with a quote and wait for the go ahead from the client via

On site implementation

Depending on the job, you will meet with the client/s and or consultant on the day for implementation. As an implementation professional you should expect a variety of implementation jobs and should accept the job according to your knowledge and skills.

Below are a number of possible jobs you may expect to receive:

  • Garden design implementation
  • Garden bed installation
  • Vegetating swales
  • Vegetating Dams
Off site debrief

After the job has been completed you will be required to write a brief one page report on your implementation for for documentation.

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You will be paid electronically once you have supplied with an invoice,  once the client has paid in full and funds have cleared, if you have a paypal account  payment will be swift.

client within 7 days within job completion, up to 5-7 days to clear, transferred to your account up to 5-7 days to clear, via paypal funds can be in next day after client has paid.