Consultation Process and fees - Permaculture Consultancy

Consultation process

To request a consultation you will need to fill out an online brief, detailing your vision for the property, objectives, timeline etc. will find a consultant in your area with the right skills and knowledge, who will contact you to organise a date and time for the consultation. You will need to provide an address location, Google maps, surveying or topographic maps or any other information relevant to your site/property.

On site you will meet with the consultant to discuss in detail the history of the site, your vision for the property, your particular needs or objectives, and a budget/time scale The consultant will analyse the sites topography, vegetation, biological aspects (flora, fauna, soil), buildings, and climatic factors to assess opportunities and limitations. This is a verbal consultancy, as the client you are responsible for taking down any information the consultant shares with you. The consultant may roughly sketch a conceptual plan or take down potential plant species. This is your opportunity to ask questions and make the most of the consultancy. Lastly you can discuss with the consultant if you need further direction, such as a timeline for implementation and maintenance.

A half day consultancy (maximum 5 hours total time with a maximum one hour travel to and from site included in the 5 hours. Travel time exceeding 1 hour one way will incur extra travel costs).

A full day consultancy (maximum 10 hours total time with a maximum one hour travel to and from site included in the 10 hours. Travel time exceeding this will incur extra travel costs for the client).


5 Star rating and fees


1 – 1 day $250 half day $150

2 – 1 day $300 half day $200

3 – 1 day $500 half day $300

4 – 1 day $850 half day $500

5 – 1 day $1200 +  and or price on application


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